The benefit of decoupling – a.k.a JSON revolution

We all remember the basic object oriented programming rule of decoupling – You can read about it here – and here –

In the recent years this paradigm became more important while many companies are writing their code and product in different program languages.

If up until 2-3 years back a company wrote their code with backend of java and front end of JSP and JSF today in most cases for frontend is written in JavaScript while backend can be written in almost any program language.

In order to support this today most of the backend developers are exposing their code via REST API which can be accessed by and computer language easily.

With this a product can be combined from Java, PHP, Python, JS and many other program languages and developers types and all of them are using the same language at the end -> JSON

The main challenge is performance, robustness and security of such combination.

We’ll drill down into those in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned….

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