Virtualization – the challenge and the opportunity

In the recent years most of us delivered software into virtualized environments and not to physical hosted machines.

It can be vmware ( , openstack ( or virtualbox (

The common for these infrastructure is that from now on it’s not so important what is the hardware you’re running on. It’s much more important what is the virtual parameters you’re running with.

You can run distributed environment on any hosting solution like Amazon AWS ( DigitalOcean ( or 1and1 (

The benefits are endless and move from more flexability into full management and cost effective or resources.

Apart from this we should consider two main factors:

1. At the end there is overhead in running virtulized. It can 5-10 % of overhead only but it can be in some cases 30-50% due to special requirements and wrong configuration. You should know what are your main needs (Memory, CPU or Disk) and work accordingly.

2. For IT experts this move is not so trivial. From domain specific knowledge IT should support now large variety of software and configuration that are look the same but might behave diffrently. This is a challenge and opportunity.

Many organizations felt to understand this mind shift and tried to adjust current paradigms into this new world.

In order to benefit from virtualization both IT and software development need to be changed.

Interesting article can be found here – (New Technical Roles Emerge for the Cloud Era: The Rise of the Cross-Domain Expert).

Also software development should be changed and I’ll discuss it in one of my upcoming posts.


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