.net vs Java – the holistic aspect

Recently I’ve been exposed to .net and C# development and developers.

As a Java veteran it’s very interesting exposure.

Although from code perspective the code is very similar and most of the classes and capabilities are the same, from loyalty and developers attitude it’s totally different.

Back than @2001-2005 while Java was fresh and attractive, everyone that used Java seems like Java evangelist who wants everybody to use Java which is the best language at the world.

Sun was innovative company by exposing Java as open source.

Than came Oracle and acquired Sun and Java. From that on wards Java developers are no longer heroes with Open Source proud. They are like any other developer.

In the contrary almost every .net and C# developer is totally related and inspired by Microsoft activity.
He’s Windows groupy and learns every piece of news related to his code and C#.

It’s not only my perspective. You can see it in every SW journal which compares between Java and C# – there is much more demand for C# those days. And this is before making C# completely multi-platform.

I can’t explain the situation since at the end Microsoft is a huge ugly company and still developers liked it.

Maybe some of you can assist with identify how Microsoft are doing it and help Java developers to become more proud.